© 2014 by GDS Dental GmbH wax chemoplast pmma model-material zirconia multicolor CoCr product description:  Fibre-free, homogeneous, high molecular and acrulatpolymer with micro particles. indication:  production of temporary dental prosteshes (particular and full anatomic). technical datas: material: 100% pmma (polymethylmetaacrylat) density: 1,19 gcm bending strength: 114 MPa hardness: HV 26,6 e-modul: 2771 MPa colours: A2, A3, A4, B1, B3, C4, D2 and colourless dimensions: 15 and 20 mm -3 The given values only apply for the test specimens on which they were measured. A transfer to other forms is only permission under certain conditions. The given values are consequently only to be understood as standard values.